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APA Quick Referencing: Other

Examples of Other Sources

Material Type In-Text Reference Reference List
 Printed Report  
(National Sustainability Council, 2013)
 National Sustainability Council. (2013). Sustainability Australia report 2013. DSEWPaC.

(Australian Wildlife Conservancy, n.d.)
 Australian Wildlife Conservancy. (n.d.) Protecting a lost world in the Kimberley [Brochure]. Author.
    Hint: If the author and publisher are the same, use 'Author' as publisher.


Learning Guide

 (Irwin, 2016)  Irwin, R. (2016). Work effectively with others: Learning guide. North Metropolitan TAFE.
Personal   Communication

 P. Davis (Personal communication, March 2, 2012)... Includes emails, interviews and telephone conversations. They are not added to the Reference List.

 Lecture   Statement

 In a lecture (Communication skills)  presented on April 5, 2016, at North  Metropolitan TAFE, Mary Walsh... Not included in the Reference List.


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